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A strong rigid frame that can be used on tractors ranging from 200hp - 600hp. The machine replicates the tractor drawbar height, allowing you to lift and lower the wheel eradicator legs whilst on the move, without affecting trailing implement setup.
A machine for the farmer who wants to eradicate wheelings or for customers looking to move into Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF).


  • Set your trailing implement to the optimum working depth and let the track eradicator take care of your wheelings.

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  Wearing Parts


We offer an extensive range of wearing pars. Points, leg bottoms and also cater for the Auto Reset market. If you need any part for a specific machine please give us a call.

Grange Machinery offer products that provide current systems

the versatility and flexibility in varying ground conditions and crop establishment processes. Our toolbars will improve soil structure whilst lowering the cost of establishment resulting in both healthier margins and increased profit for your business.

Low-Disturbance Loosener


We offer two widths of Low Disturbance Looseners:

3m              4m     

The machines are generally used to lift and alleviate compaction in Direct Drilling and Min-Till uses.

  • Low disturbance legs & points that provide lift with full width shatter

  • Hydraulic Front cutting Discs

  • Shear bolt or Auto Reset protection

  • Choice of rear hitch attachment (if required)​

Low-Disturbance Toolbars


We offer three widths of Low Disturbance Toolbars:

3m              4m           6m

The machines can be used as both an independent machine or in front of any trailing implement. 

  • Low disturbance legs & points that provide lift with full width shatter

  • Shear bolt or Auto Reset protection

  • A choice of rear attachment options for different implements

Assembly Parts


We are able to supply different kits to be used on your current machine at home.

  • Low disturbance legs
  • Cutting Discs
  • Disc Arms
  • Brackets

Liquid Fertiliser


We offer a range of liquid fertiliser applicators. Whether it's front mounted, implement mounted or coulter injection. We have the ability to supply you a system that will suit your needs.

  • Range of front tanks sizes

  • Hydraulic & Electric pump

  • Band coulter system

  • Coulter injection system