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Increase your Yield and Profitability this harvest

Gen up on the latest thinking and take a few tips from the experts

We’ve been looking at ways to improve soil health and increase Oil Seed Rape yields this year. There are many different opinions out there, so we’ve gathered together some of the most interesting articles here for you to read through.

People are using different ways to detect blackgrass patches

Take a look at what Matt Redman has to say here. He’s using a drone to help him map out his blackgrass, so he can focus on problem areas:

In this article in Farmers Weekly on Saturday 3 June 2017, Farmer Focus: Blackgrass threatens future of oat growing,Robert Law shares a growing concern about winter oat crops that are infested with blackgrass. Even oats sown in March have a problem – there are areas where the growing oats are being smothered by rampant blackgrass:

Growers need to step up their efforts

Growers need to step up their efforts to tackle the arable industry’s most damaging weed, blackgrass, helped by some new herbicide options due next season, quotes David Jones in Farmers Weekly on Wednesday 14 June 2017. Control of this grassweed was good this season due to favourable weather which allowed cereal growers to drill later in the autumn, while frosts helped limit blackgrass growth in the winter.

Ben Coombs, herbicide campaign manager at agrochemicals group Bayer, points out that later drilling into cool, moist seed-beds helped residual herbicides work better, but more needs to be done. Growers need to step up their efforts to tackle the arable industry’s most damaging weed, blackgrass, helped by some new herbicide options due next season. His advice for this autumn’s fight against blackgrass is to delay drilling, create a good seed-bed with little soil disturbance, and apply a diflufenican + flufenacet product within 48 hours of drilling.

There’s good news ahead

In Farmers Weekly, Wednesday 12 July 2017, Harvest 2017, where David Jones and Andrew Meredith, put forward the proposition: Early rapeseed yields better than expected in dry year.

Early oilseed rape yields look better than expected in a harvest that has started nearly two weeks early, while combining of winter barley gathers pace across southern England. After a difficult, dry growing season, rapeseed yields are surprisingly good, with early estimates putting average yields at 3.6t/ha, higher than last season’s 3.1t/ha. “Prices are signalling that oilseeds are in demand and the UK needs a crop of more than 2m tonnes to satisfy the crushers and allow some for export,” says Philip Kimber, oilseeds trading manager at Frontier:

Then, check out this flip book article where Andy Hoyles, Nutritional Development Manager discusses The key to unlocking yield through ‘Healthy Soils’ and read Dick Neal’s
rules of engagement. The part that resonated with us was “There’s no one solution to blackgrass control, be prepared to make a number of small changes in different areas”:

This article about cultivation techniques for successful establishment of winter oilseed rape particularly grabbed our attention where Dick Neale, technical manager for Hutchinsons, considers the cultivation issues vital in establishing a successful winter oilseed rape crop.

He talks about the benefits of using the Cousins Micro Wing. “On the back of our black grass control work at Brampton, we have developed and promoted the ‘Cousins Micro-wing’ establishment system. This moves minimal soil to 75mm depth and drops the seed in behind the leg before rolling in.”

Did you know you can fit a Cousins Micro Wing onto our toolbar or use our tines?

Dick Neale, technical manager for Hutchinsons, says: “Minimal soil movement techniques like this have raised concerns regarding previous
herbicide residues damaging the WOSR
seedlings. However, we have seen no
issues during the extreme risk year of
2013, where growers had correctly
adhered to following crop restrictions,”

We don’t see an overnight solution for
combatting blackgrass, but we do think by
distilling the experts’ opinions and making
a sound five year plan, you’ll reap the
rewards, sooner than later.

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